Re: [CR] Was silk/seta tubular ride, now tubulars in the wet

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From: "John" <>
To: "earle.young" <>
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Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2011 17:08:14 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR] Was silk/seta tubular ride, now tubulars in the wet

Earl, O.K.... I think we need to settle this like men; Josh "Cino" Burger gives us both a pair of nos Seta Extras. You mount yours on Earl built wheels, I'll mount mine on Pergo wheels. We ride in opposite directions, in the rain, minimum 1 hour. We have a few beers and then we measure the tires. Duel? Funny thing is we coulda done that at L'Eroica this year. Although it would have been in the same direction and wine. That would be fine too! You in Josh? So what were saying is that wet silk expands ALLOT more then wet cotton, aye?


Johnny Pergolizzi Torino, Italy where the kilometers today were on a the L'Eroica lavender 72 Colnago in pea soup fog.

On Jan 2, 2011, at 2:19 PM, earle.young wrote:
> My one experience with silks in heavy rain contradicts John
> Pergolizzi. On RAAM 19874 (with fully on-topic equipment), Elaine
> Mariolle was riding a pair of well aged Criterium Seta Extra's. In
> Las Vegas, of all places, we hit rain that was rim-deep all across
> the road. I had been sleeping when we hit the rain, and she had been
> riding for an hour or more with the tubulars soaked. When I checked
> them, they had stretched to the size of del Mondos!
> That had confirmed the conventional knowledge of the time: Don't
> ride silks in the rain.
> And then there are the early nylon tires. Even a sprinkle was enough
> to make the 230 gram Raleigh/Panasonic nylon tires of the late '70s
> and early 80's treacherously slippery.
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