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The beauty of riding: For me, the blood flow makes my day better. I have had some rides where the scenery is wonderful. Mostly, off road riding provides that for me. Even then, it is the blood flow increase that gives me that elevated mood feeling. Easily amused and not as mature as I'd like to be percieved, I love passing cars that are waiting in traffic. That's not actually beauty but it is a good feeling.

The most beautiful road riding I have done was at the Great Western Bike Rally. If you haven't been to that, and can get to it, you will be rewarded with wonderful rides for all abilities. I give this my most sincere seal of approval.

Chuck Hoefer
Pacific Coast Cycles
Oceanside, Ca.

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We write a lot about bicycles but seldom about the Beauty of Riding. Perhaps starting a new year, 2011 each of us should reflect on why we are into bicycles and the Joy of riding. For me the Beauty of riding is what one visually sees has he rides thru farmlands, over mountains, and thru quaint Europe towns. Knowing you have the freedom to go nearly anywhere with reason on two wheels is amazing experence to behold and feel. Thanks Charles Nighbor Architect Walnut Creek, CA USA Thanks Charles Nighbor Architect Walnut Creek, CA USA