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I also wish to thank Wayne and MJ and respect their decision to take a sabbatical for a year. That Dale would pick up another year and offer a similar event is very gracious; I am both happy and relieved to read this.

I encourage everyone thinking about this great event to simply find a way to make the time to get down there and meet up with old friends and make some new ones.

Many years ago I put off attending as there were always other more pressing 'things' to tend to, mainly my career. I was touched by CR list friend Chris Beyer who said to me, "Eric, it is the most biking fun you will have, make time for it because you never know what tomorrow will bring." I didn't give his words much thought at the time. He passed away of cancer shortly after. I never actually met Chris in person, yet he was a dear friend, just as so many of you are to me. Since then I've attended seven Cirque's. Make time for the fun stuff.

I've booked my room at the Battleground Inn. Looking forward to seeing everyone; let's make sure we encourage Dale, Wayne and MJ that so long as they provide the venue, we'll be there making their huge efforts as worthwhile for them as it is for us. I have been fortunate to acquire some wonderful bicycles this year and will be sure to bring them down and share with all. I also will be bringing down huge amounts of stuff to sell and trade (so I can acquire more bicycling goodies). Melinda (my wife) is planning on coming down this year too; each year there are more spouses and I encourage anyone whose spouse is considering it to join in and add to the fun.

Eric Elman Somers, CT USA with 19" of fresh snow and another 8" expected by late afternoon.

On Jan 11, 2011, at 10:18 PM, oroboyz@aol.com wrote:
> A few tweaks will be made as we go along, but you all can get a feel for this event here:
> http://www.classicrendezvous.com/Weekend2011.htm
> Pay especial attention to the Schedule page...
> This will be FUN!!!
> Dale
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, North Carolina USA
> http://www.classicrendezvous.com