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Mike, you're very correct, I meant '70's. I was in Tigertown from '72 through '76. Used to do the Saturday morning training group rides. There were some juniors from one of the prep schools down the road toward Trenton - Hun School, I think -- who rode fixed gear up and down the Washington road? or Great Road? hill. We would go north to Blawenburg and a bit more, then east to the Canal and loop back to Princeton.

I still remember the little hole-in-the-wall shop on John Street. Fritz and Dick loved to see people get interested in bike riding.

If I show up in any pictures, it would be on an orange Stella. Black wool shorts with chamois; I had some jersies with wide horizontal bands. One was probably a facsimile of a Belgian team jersey, another yellow with red and white, the third brown with white. And a blue and white hairnet helmet.

I had a Suntour frewheel that the retaining ring backed off on and it self-destructed out on the canal road. Found a stick and poled myself along. Dick took one look at it and told me if I had a real freewheel like a Regina that it never would have happened. Made a nice paperweight after that.

Great place to ride a bike at the time. I've been back, and traffic is much worse, and so were the road surfaces, even in a car. -Joel - Still in Snohomish.