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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 09:54:20 -0800
From: JimAllen <>
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OOPS, in the below reply I state that the frameset in question was made with Chromor tubing, it wasn't, Cromor was a later Columbus tubeset. These frames were made with Columbus Aelle.


On 1/31/2011 9:43 AM, JimAllen wrote:
> I may be a definitive expert.
> This looks like a first generation Nuova Strada, imported around 1984.
> These originally came in white and red, with top mounted vinyl decals.
> The frames were made of Columbus Chromor tubesets by Billato in Italy.
> The management at Masi decided that these frames did not meet their
> standards. The decals were peeled off, and the frames were sold bare
> to Bob Hansing at Euro Asia Imports.
> Later Nuova Strada and Gran Corsas were made with SL and SLX tubesets,
> and with investment cast lugs, also by Billato and with much more care.
> I can't say whether or not Ralph Carnevale knows the source of these
> framesets, but they are clearly not Gran Criteriums. He was around at
> the time, and I think he was a Masi dealer for a while, so should know
> the difference.
> Also, Gion (Ralphs spelling, not mine) Simonetti could not have
> painted these "at the factory" (as stated in EBay Q & A) since he had
> long been off building his own frames by the time they were imported!
> This is not the first time one of these rebadged frames has been
> brought up on the list. I have sent a comment for the EBay Q & A, want
> to bet whether or not Carnevales posts it?
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> On 1/30/2011 11:51 PM, wrote:
>> I may not be the definitive expert, but I've never seen a Masi with
>> these lugs, fork crown, brake bridge, cable guides, pump peg, and
>> fade paint. Anybody else?
>> A repainted M_________?
>> Sorry Ralph.
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