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Evening all. I did this once on a tandem without eccentric BB adjusters. This was something of a short cut, as it was simpler than buying and installing different size chain rings until the timing chain was tight. Jim is right, this ring had allot of stress on it. I choose to use a steel chain ring because it was less likely to fold in on its self when the bike got going. From this I would advise anyone interested in a tandem to spend a little extra money on a frame that already has the eccentric BB shells. I hope everyones week is off to a good start. Tom Harriman.San Francisco, Ca.
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> One can do this to adjust the chain tension without an eccentric BB.
> Jim Merz
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>> wrote:
> > In Dale's GP Wilson photos, there's a tandem photo showing an unattached
> > chainring in the tandem chainline located between the captain and stoker
> > chainrings. That's a new one to me. It looks like it is a couple of teeth
> > larger than the front and rear chainrings.
> >
> > Is this something others have seen done, and does it accomplish anything
> > other than looks?
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