[CR] 1960 Rome Olympic Road Race

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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 20:48:40 EST
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Subject: [CR] 1960 Rome Olympic Road Race

A close friend and and CR list member Josh Berger e-mailed me a wonderful film of one of the greatest of all road races, the 1960 Olympic road race in Rome. Many list members know that the Soviet rider Viktor Kapitanov won the race on a silver grey Cinelli B. I was able to identify that two of the Italian Olympians were riding a Bianchi and a Frejus. Does anyone know what bike Italian rider Livio Trape, who took the silver, was riding? It is possible that Trape could have won the race from newspaper accounts that I have read. What happened was that Trape was the anchor man when the Italian team won the time trial event and may have expended an excessive amount of energy in taking the gold in that very tough event.Incidentally, a racer from New York City, an African- American rider by the name of Herbert Francis, rode that race for the USA. His Frejus road bike was set up by Tom Avenia who told me the story. The bike was displayed for a time in the original Emey's bike shop which was on Canal St, near the Manhattan bridge. Does anyone remember Emey's first shop? Cinelli, Bianchi, Frejus, these name are immortal for a lot of us. Norm Hellman, Bronx, NY.