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My experience with him is that I contacted him by telephone about a special request for Huret Jubilee parts he had offline and he claimed he would search his Huret parts bin and Email me with the complete list with prices ASAP.

His specialty and preference seems to be Schwinn bikes and parts. However, he has bought out the inventory of several local bike shops which is why he is always on ebay.

Lo and behold, the entire "list" never arrived by Email and within several days all the parts we discussed suddenly appeared on Ebay on his account without advance warning to me.

When I Emailed back asking why they went up for auction without Emailing me, he claimed that I need to check his auctions more often and never fully explained why he did not contact me. It turns out the parts were overpriced and did not sell for weeks. He ate the cost of several Ebay ads with "no sale".

I consider him stubborn and quirky.

Regards, Steve Neago "Sleeping in the rain in Cincinnati, OH"

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> and I agree with Nath. I pay a lot of attention to the responses to
> negatives, and this guy sounds like a jerk. I wouldn't buy from him either.
> My point was, the numbers, alone, aren't that bad.
> John Dunn in Boise
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> > John's right--if you do enough business on eBay, the negatives will come.
> > But what bothers me about this particular seller is the tone and nature of
> > his responses to those who've left him negative feedback. One begins,
> > A LITTLE GIRL" and later refers to the buyer as a "CRY BABY"--seems to me
> > the first comment smacks of sexism, but in any case he simply seems
> > downright unpleasant.
> >
> > Of course it's hard to say anything definite without knowing all the
> details
> > of the transaction (what questions were asked before any bids were placed,
> > and what answers were given, etc.), but judging from the tone of this
> > seller's responses, I wouldn't buy anything from him, no matter how much
> of
> > a bargain it seemed.
> >
> > He sure does have a lot of Campy odds & ends for sale, though. (Vintage
> > content!)
> >
> > nath dresser
> > spring green, wi