Re: [CR]Now: Chain tension adjusters Was: Modifying brake levers??

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Subject: Re: [CR]Now: Chain tension adjusters Was: Modifying brake levers??
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:00:27 -0700

BMX bikes have been using chain adjusters for years. 3/8" axle adjusters are now out of fashion in favor of the larger dia 14mm ones so 3/8" versions are abundant and cheap. There are all different styles: the super cheap and dinky steel ones that chuck mentioned, machined aluminum adjusters in all sorts of shapes, and real thick cromoly steel for the tough guyz. Some will work better than others, as the interface of a road dropout is obviously different than a BMX dropout. You'll have to modify the adjuster a bit, maybe bend and tug it to fit the dropout better.

Tom Martin
Oakland CA

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Subject: Re: [CR]Now: Chain tension adjusters Was: Modifying brake levers??

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> > One solution would be to use chain tension adjuster bolts. Now a days,
> > fixed gear guys call them "chain tugs". There were various styles years
> > ago; some worked with track ends and some worked with road dropouts.
> >
> > Lots of advantages: You can make small adjustments in the chain tension,
> > you can remove and replace the wheel and still keep your original
> > adjustment, and they keep the wheel from being pulled over from the
> > torque of pedaling which is indispensible when using wing nuts instead
> > of a QR or track nuts.
> >
> Chuck,
> Would you happen to have a picture you could post somewhere of an adjuster
> that works with horizontal road drops?
> Thanks.
> Pete Geurds
> Douglassville, PA