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That reminds me about one point. Not only did it have to be a track machine, but it also HAD to have cranks no longer than 165mm. My Atala has/had an old 151 BCD 170mm set and I had to buy a pair of 165mm cranks to use the machine on that track. I bought a pair of Tevano's (that I still have actually).

And even with the shorter cranks I recall striking my right pedal once when I was slowed right down to talk to another rider coming up below and behind me. I hit the pedal and it popped the back wheel off the surface of the track. I then slid down the banking (fortunately NOT scraping splinters up with my pedal to embed in my leg) sort of half on my wheels, until I hit the apron, touched the back wheel of the guy who I'd been waiting to chat with, and went over on my left side. Amazingly I suffered not much more than a bruised ego. And a new found respect/understanding of centripetal forces! :-P

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> I went up to ride the track in Montreal a few times, and I agree, it was a
> real rush. The first time, I rented a bike there for only $4
> Canadian. The
> other times I took my '73 Raleigh Pro Track up and had a total gas. Those
> banks were steep, and going aroud it was incredible. I recall
> one time when
> I had to slow right down because of another rider on the track,
> and the bike
> went out from under me on the bank. It was like falling off a
> cliff. Only
> real track bikes were allowed, brakes and even levers had to be
> removed. The
> bikes they rented were real low-end machines, but they were still
> real track
> bikes.
> Steve Barner, really miss that velodrome, Bolton, Vermont