Re: [CR]Detailed description of my Colnago

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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 08:51:35 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: Angel M Garcia <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Detailed description of my Colnago
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Does the wreath decal have a distinct black line aroung the artwork or is the line sort of yellowish and sort of "fuzzy" as opposed to clear and sharp?

I'd say the frame is '75 if the decal has a clear black line around it. If the edge is sort of fuzzy it is 1974.

I'll explain why shortly.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> Below is a detailed description of my unbuilt, all original, Molteni Orange
> Colnago Super frame and fork. It was purchased 9 Jan 1976 at Radsport
> Schertl in Nurnberg, Germany; I have the original receipt. It was "hanging"
> in the shop; not known how long. I sent a picture to Colnago and they said
> it was a 1973 or 1974. The decal arrangement is the same as a photo I have
> of Baronchelli riding his Colnago in 1973.
> It has a "16" on the drive side rear dropout.
> a)Top of crown fork: Colnago club (recessed/carved) in black on each side;
> b)Inside Crown fork: reinforcing tangs, each side, with black Colnago club
> recessed/carved)
> b1) there is a black club recessed/carved on the top of the down tube lug
> that connects to head tube
> c) head tube decal (not badge): Club with R at 4 o'clock; Colnago under
> club
> d) Down tube: Colnago on either side; each letter is in black surrounded by
> yellow; 1 pair water bottle screw holes
> e) Seat tube: Center: decal: Colnago club surrounded by wreath; R below
> wreath, Colnago above wreath. Above and below this decal are a set of
> championship stripes which are as follows: championship stripes come to a
> square that has Colnago club; top line says MARCA DEI CAMPIONI and bottom
> f) Above the top championship decal is a Columbus decal
> g) the BB has brazed on cable guides on the top side of BB
> h) Colnago Super decals on both chainstays; these are more blue than black
> and also have yellow around each letter
> i) the BB has a club cut out underneath
> j) not sure convention for measuring dropouts; I measure 4.5 mm from the
> back of the dropout to the opening of the dropout.
> k) frame is Molteni Orange, 57 c-t-c
> Angel Garcia
> Long Valley, NJ