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Subject: Re: [CR]New topic
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 22:41:30 -0400

Paul.. the one bike I regret buying (and still feel guilty about, honest) is your 1948 RRA. This is G.O.B., God's Own Bike. Honest. He doesn't (or is it she doesn't?) ride a Cinelli. Or a Masi. It's a '48 RRA. Not just any RRA, but yours. And forget the fact I've added a really cool Coloral bottle set-up and just got an early Terrys watch holder and a British Army pocket watch for her. Or that she now runs on a super sexy '49 FC hub, alloy shell so early it's not even marked as such. She's still PAUL's RRA. And she's holds price of place in my living room against the sofa. When she's not tearing up the paths and embarassing 20 somethings in Spandex riding carbon fibre. "Hey, man that's just a three speed?" Yea, right just a three-speed.

Me, I just wish I could bring myself to sell something, anything, I'd live to regret.

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA