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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 09:51:24 -0700
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On Aug 13, 2007, at 9:34 AM, Silver, Mordecai wrote:
> "Day 2 of tests was kicked off with the 'bicycle maintenance and
> safety
> test'. We had to completely disassemble a bicycle under careful
> observation from an instructor. It must be done piece by piece and in
> perfect order taught to us a few days prior. No sound must be made by
> the tools touching the bicycle and no part nor tool can be dropped.
> When
> finished you yell 'owarimasu!' which means finished, you then
> proceed to
> do it all backwards...

I was inspired by the above and decided to try it on my Kiyo Miyazawa. Working in total silence I was done in no time, but when I yelled OWARIMASU the parrot fell of his perch and my wife dropped the skillet of Machaca Con Huevos all over the kitchen floor. Bummer.

Next time I'm thinking of leaving out the OWARIMASU yell and maybe just saying it under my breath...

Chuck Schmidt
South Pasadena, CA